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Compelling backend system.


Easily extendible.

NestJS is a framework for building efficient and scalable Node.js server applications built using and fully supporting TypeScript. It is open source and is a very versatile Node.js framework for building backend systems. It helps scale Node.js servers and supports several databases such as MongoDB, Redis, and Apache Cassandra. NestJS is a framework that simplifies development. NestJS has its own rules and is not just for backend development. The framework is DDD friendly, Event sourced, and offers a microservice architecture. It is lightweight, simple, and open-source.

Gives developers a great head start

All you need to start development is to create a new application, and you're ready to go. This framework gives you a huge boost at the beginning, helping you take the next steps by defining the right architecture for your application.

Long-lasting solutions

NestJS uses modern solutions and technologies, so applications created with it are maintainable and durable. It can be linked to GraphQL, WebSockets or used to build microservices.

Fastest-growing framework

NestJS provides an out-of-the-box application architecture that allows developers and teams to build highly testable, scalable, loosely coupled and easily maintainable applications.


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NestJS technology is used extensively by our development team. It can be used to create reusable logical parts that developers can use in several different types of applications, to create large-scale, efficient applications and websites.


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I have experience working on various projects - from small startups to huge projects with complex financial business logic. I am constantly improving my knowledge of technology, striving for personal growth, and stepping out of my comfort zone to develop my skills. I have good logical thinking, quickly learn new skills, am quick to learn, and am responsible. Moreover, I’m able to work productively as a team and individually. Let's work together!

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