School Management System

Digital platform for sustainable education, prioritizing quality and transparency

School Management System


Nigeria's first all encompassing digital platform for educational data exchange

Focused on the provision of sustainable solutions to the multifaceted challenges in the education system of Nigeria and by extension, other African countries. School Integral is the go to and the key to quality, sustainable and effective education for all school age children. And, is the best platform for financial transparency in the education sector.




e-Learning & LMS

Team size


Partnership period

2023 - Ongoing

Client background

With a dedication to revolutionizing educational data management, this project endeavors to streamline the monitoring and administration of crucial school-related information. The innovative system provides real-time data monitoring capabilities alongside access to historical data, empowering educators to analyze student performance trends and anticipate potential academic shifts.

Business challenge

School Integral is a comprehensive information system designed to manage and track all aspects of the educational process in regions where internet connectivity poses a significant challenge. All users have access to the system through a web application, as well as via USSD. Efficiently manages students and admin for seamless educational communication and data tracking

The solution

As a result, our customer has an innovative solution addressing the multifaceted challenges in Nigeria's education system and across African countries. School Integral serves as the cornerstone for providing quality, sustainable, and effective education to all school-age children. Additionally, it stands out as the leading platform for ensuring financial transparency in the education sector.

Modern user-interface

Added features for students & teachers

Easy document access

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used






Development Process

It focuses on creating a tailored solution to manage student data, communication, and administrative tasks efficiently, catering specifically to the needs of educational institutions.


The portal centralizes school information, enabling users to register, select, and engage with educational institutions conveniently through a user-friendly interface.

Schools and classes are open for enrollment

Anyone can apply to the school, even if not registered previously.


The student card contains information about their grades, skills, as well as their medical records.



This project underscores the power of collaboration between an insightful educational institution and a committed team of experts. It highlights our capacity to adapt, surmount obstacles, foster innovation, and provide solutions that redefine the landscape of school management technology.


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