Hospitality-Driven HR Management System

Tailored solutions for the hotel and restaurant industry

Hospitality-Driven HR Management System


The intelligent, user-friendly, and digital workspace for hospitality

This platform is an all-in-one HR management solution designed to revolutionize the workplace. It empowers employees with a central portal and personal assistant, fostering seamless communication and a culture of transparency. Intuitive planning tools, intelligent automation, and in-depth analytics boost efficiency and employee satisfaction.




HR Management

Team size


Partnership period

2023 - Ongoing

Client background

Coupled HR is a hospitality industry HR software developed to meet the complex needs of hotel managers in Switzerland. The client has approached our company with a vision to develop “The intelligent, user-friendly, and digital workspace for hospitality,” aiming to revolutionize how the industry operates by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Business challenge

The main challenge was to design a system that seamlessly integrates internal processes such as scheduling, task distribution, and adherence to local labor laws. This involves creating fully custom job contracts and automating salary calculations to reduce human error and simplify bookkeeping. The client required a system that not only caters to the hospitality industry, but is also flexible enough to be used in various other domains.

The solution

The solution was a comprehensive HR management system software called Coupled, designed to streamline all aspects of modern HR management. Coupled allows users to create custom job contracts compliant with Swiss labor laws, automate salary calculations, and incorporate digital modules for recruitment, employee databases, and internal communication. The system includes Coupled HR, the administrative hub; Coupled App, a mobile HR app for hospitality employee; and Coupled Connect, a tablet application for on-site communication. Together, these products form a comprehensive solution, streamlining HR processes, enhancing mobile accessibility, and facilitating efficient in-hotel operations.

Smooth scheduling process

User-friendly navigation

Automated and customized reports system

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

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Development Process

The development process of this system involves a meticulous approach to understanding the unique needs and challenges of the hospitality industry. It encompasses comprehensive research, iterative design, and agile development methodologies to ensure the creation of a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Workforce optimization features

Coupled's workforce optimization features empower administrators with tools to seamlessly manage employee absence requests, create recurring shift templates, and efficiently assign daily shift tasks. This significantly enhances operational efficiency and reduces human errors in salary calculations and bookkeeping processes.

Apartment management

Hotel owners address fluctuating workforce needs by acquiring lodgings and accommodating employees who may arrive from diverse locations within the country and sometimes internationally, with or without occupancy charges. This ensures smooth and efficient workforce logistics.

Coupled App

The mobile app designed for hotel employees, featuring scheduling, task management, internal communication, and a compliance line for reporting issues or providing feedback. This app improves internal communication, task management, and overall employee engagement.



Coupled HR successfully addressed the unique needs of hotel managers in Switzerland by providing a customizable, automated, and user-friendly HR management system. Its flexible architecture and comprehensive modules ensure it can adapt to various domains beyond hospitality, making it a versatile solution for employee management. The focus on digitalization and user experience ensures that Coupled HR remains a valuable tool for companies aiming to optimize their internal processes and enhance employee satisfaction.


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