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Ready-made components.

Deploy natively.

Ionic is an open-source UI toolkit for creating productive, high-quality mobile apps using web technologies - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - with integration into popular frameworks such as Angular, React, and Vue. Ionic focuses on the external UX and interaction of the application user interface - UI controls, interactions, gestures, animations. It is easy to learn and integrates with other libraries or frameworks such as Angular, React, or Vue. It can also be used separately, without any frontend frameworks, with a simple include script.


Create and deploy apps that run on multiple platforms, such as iOS, Android, and on the web as a Progressive Web App - all on a single codebase. Write once, run anywhere.

Web Standards-based

Ionic is built on robust, standardized web technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, using modern web interfaces such as custom elements and Shadow DOM. This ensures that Ionic components have a stable API and do not depend on the whims of a single platform vendor.

Beautiful Design

Clear, simple, and functional. Ionic is designed to work and display beautifully "out of the box" on all platforms. Start with pre-designed components, typography, interactive paradigms, and a great (but extensible) base theme.


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