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AI platform for clinical diagnostics

It helps to improve patient care and monitor the changes in the analysis.

Smart City Mobile Application
Smart City

Connects the users with companies, dealers, and service providers

Video Management Server

Provides broadcast from home and office video cameras in real time

Web application for communication provider

Call-tracking and managing platform to collect and analyze crucial data

Trading intelligence for NFTs & Crypto

A platform where traders utilize market intelligence & make winning deals

SALI standards billing compliance tool

Helps to identify the type of law firm services

Design Agency Website

Provides design agency services that meet clients' needs

Our team has successfully completed over 150 projects.

Throughout our portfolio, you will find examples of our skills, creativity, professional & work ethics, and extensive expertise.

Each project combines our skills, care, and creativity.
We strive to create a product of any complexity for you that will attract new customers and help you succeed in the digital age.

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