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We empower manufacturers to achieve operational excellence and develop custom software solutions that streamline back-office and industrial operations, leading to increased productivity, reduced costs, and a smoother journey towards Industry 4.0.

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Revolutionize Finance with FinTech Software Development. Here's how we can contribute to your success

Custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Streamline order processing and fulfillment for improved customer satisfaction. Gain real-time visibility into every stage of production, from raw materials to finished goods.

Production & Workflow Monitoring & Automation Apps

Automate repetitive tasks like scheduling, procurement, and compliance to minimize manual workload and human error. Utilize AI, robotics, and IoT for enhanced efficiency.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Gather precise data across every stage of production, including material usage, machine performance, and traceability.

Cloud-Based Manufacturing Solutions

Leverage the scalability, security, and flexibility of the cloud. We develop and deploy cloud-based manufacturing software tailored to your specific needs.

Optimize Your Factory Floor: Powerful Manufacturing Services

Revolutionize your production with a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and drive growth. From automating processes to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, our expertise empowers you to build a future-proof factory floor.

Streamlined Manufacturing Operations with Custom Web Applications

Empower your manufacturing operations with custom web applications. Gain real-time production visibility through intuitive dashboards, manage and monitor hardware work with intuitive user interfaces, and onboard employees efficiently with centralized knowledge management platforms. Darly Solutions streamlines your operations for a data-driven and future-proof manufacturing environment.

Mobile Apps for Enhanced Shop Floor Efficiency

Equip your shop floor workforce with powerful mobile apps. Track inventory in real-time, monitor machine performance for proactive maintenance, and streamline quality control inspections. Darly Solutions' mobile apps empower your employees and optimize shop floor efficiency.

Manufacturing-Focused User Experience

Simplify operations and empower your workforce with Darly Solutions' manufacturing-focused user experience (UX) design. Our intuitive interfaces and clear data visualization tools minimize training time, reduce errors, and optimize decision-making on the shop floor.

Uncompromising Testing for Flawless Manufacturing Software

Eliminate bugs and ensure flawless performance with Darly Solutions' uncompromising testing for manufacturing software. Our QA experts leverage industry best practices to identify and resolve issues before they impact production, guaranteeing reliable software that optimizes your manufacturing operations.

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The responsiveness, attention to detail and high-level communication from Darly Solutions was outstanding. Communication with the team was all online and was absolutely seamless. They were highly responsive, worked to tight deadlines and provided great feedback and communication throughout the entire project to ensure it remained on schedule and all quality requirements were being met. They exceeded all of our expectations, from design through to delivery.

Kieran Donovan
Managing Director, Corporate Advisory Firm

LLC Darly Solutions's team performs well since the collaboration started. They are fluent in specific programming languages, they are also fluent in English, and they have a great response time. What is most unique and impressive about Darly Solutions is that everyone in the team is inherently communicative and understands the expertise of their respective fields. The team is very agile and can predict stress situations in which we work together to fix and maintain.

Carol Arao
Product Owner, Software Development Company

Darly Solutions' work so far inspires confidence, as they're skilled and trustworthy. The health platform is incredibly happy with their work. The team at Darly is communicative, responsive, and responsible. I’d recommend them to people looking to do more than build a simple little software.

Jürgen Bröker
Executive Director, Healthcare Platform Co.

By collaborating with Darly Solutions, there is a significant improvement in the project's quality of codes compared to their original codebase. They lead efficient project management and keep the client updated with their reports. They're a flexible team that delivers promising results. They don't just do as they're told, they actively participate in the design process, which is going to yield us a much better platform in the end.

PJ Fisher
Head of Tech, Software Consulting Firm

Darly Solutions was able to develop the site with all functions running. The team was responsive throughout the engagement. They excelled at scheduling and delivered projects on the specified timeline. The whole team was a pleasure to work with. I am very glad that I entrusted them with my project, this is the best company for me!

Inna Netudikhata
CEO, Mama Travel

The quality of their work is very high, and we get very good customer feedback on what our site looks like. They're very reliable and have a great overview of the technologies they're using. They meet our deadlines and are very accurate with their time estimations on a project. In addition, they're responsive and great with communication with a great command of English — it's very easy to talk to them. Moreover, we've integrated them into our development and scrum process, where we have daily stand-ups with their project manager and developers through Slack.

Felix Leontyev
Head of Technology, PSS AG

LLC Darly Solutions are highly skilled at UI/UX and follow very good engineering standards, and have been very professional in its approach to all the work to date (including the initial consultancy, which was the deciding factor). They have taken ownership of the work in way that demonstrates how much they value the work they are doing and consequently the work we are doing. I am gaining confidence that the decisions they make are good decisions and that this will result in a product that will exceed our initial expectations.

Gordon Lang
CTO, Vidina Solutions Ltd

Darly Solutions developed the app in a quick manner, and the code quality was excellent. The professional team was committed to building a successful product. The code quality was good, and the app has been built in a little more than 1 month, which is a result I'm very happy with. They were laid back but professional at the same time.

Piotr Nowakowski
Founder, 79 Characters, Inc.

Darly Solutions’ work helped my business tremendously. They were able to identify key areas for growth and improvement. The team was communicative and professional throughout the entire engagement. LLC Darly Solutions is a solutions-oriented vendor that drives results. They’re really professional and they know what they’re doing. The team knows how to identify my problems and solve them.

Maiza Simeon
Founder, Food App Startup

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