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Vehicle rental mobile app

Long-term fleet rental system

Platform for managing and creating documents by rural landowners

An all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and storing personal information

NFT Music store
Market Trading Intelligence

Eco-friendly music NFT marketplace for real artists and fans

Web application for VR meetings
Social Network

A platform to create hyper-realistic 3D avatars, objects, and landscapes

Web application for video meetings

Helps to understand the state of the video system and solve problems faster

Apartment Management System
Real Estate

An online hub for building alerts and information

Investment Assistant platform

Offers independent and innovative management of pension and investment assets

Our team has successfully completed over 150 projects.

Throughout our portfolio, you will find examples of our skills, creativity, professional & work ethics, and extensive expertise.

Each project combines our skills, care, and creativity.
We strive to create a product of any complexity for you that will attract new customers and help you succeed in the digital age.

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