Too many requests! You have made too many requests!! No more requests!!!
– How many times do you have to hear that before you get really angry?Amazon Chime API’s request throttling tested our patience like this. But all we ever wanted was to make a simple text chat app work! In this article, you’ll find out why Chime was so unkind to us, what we did to turn things around, and how you too can follow the path we forged.

Why trending websites and apps are popular with tens of thousands of companies nowadays? Including those that provide educational services in various sectors.

Today computer technologies are actively developing, touching all spheres of our life, so services of IT-companies are expanding as well. Using the proposed applications and sites you can learn foreign languages, different programming languages. You will also have access to themed literature, and you be able to learn how to play the piano. Since 2020, the question of online learning has become more than relevant for many people around the world.

So, what are the main advantages of these web applications and what kind of websites are there?

First of all, these services reduce training costs, increase the speed and efficiency of the material studying (provided systematic and correct using), formation of a unique educational database, provide free access to all kinds of information and detailed statistics of user activity. As an additional, but no less important feature, it is a simple interface.

There are several types of teaching websites that are in demand among different concerns:

  • Platforms, oriented on the corporate sector and focused on staff training with opportunity to conduct webinars (iSpring learn, Teachbase);
  • Sites for creating quality distance courses, including educational institutions (Moodle, Google Classroom);
  • Websites focused on holding webinars, online lessons, open seminars with the ability to check homework (GetCourse).

What can our company offer in this context? In developing similar web resources we choose technologies, based on the needs of the customer, guided by objective reasons.

Here UX/UI design can be used, which we actively and successfully implement in our work.

All projects that have been created by our developers can compare with similar works of such IT companies as ZeBrains (by design and simplicity of applying), Wezom as well (by informational and functional components).

The perfect web-resource in our performance it’s a working place, adapted to all kinds of devices with a clear and accessible content management system. This is a creative design and the use of stylish patterns. An additional plus for us is the implementation of the “client-server” technology.

All these points have been implemented in specific projects and approved by our clients. There are several examples.

Argyle LMS

Argyle is an information technology and education-based services firm, based in Lagos, Nigeria. With a modern user-interface combined with games, rewards and goals, users are motivated to use this Learning Management System. With features such as virtual laboratory, plagiarism checker, live instructor-led courses and video conference integration, the students can learn whenever and wherever.

Sputnik ATX

Sputnik ATX VC’s 13-week accelerator teaches startups how to sell and gain traction. They help founders reach their full potential by creating an ecosystem to attract hard-working nerds, connecting them with investors, and training them for success. Their program provides start-up training, mentoring, and support to successful applicants.

Sputnik ATX’s formula for success is:

(Nerds + Investment + Training + Mentoring) x Community = Success

To find out how you can successfully launch your educational IT-product – just contact us. Our team has a great experience in this area, and we also time efficient, result oriented, budget-friendly and our staff work at an expert level. Our motto is “Less hassle, more work”!