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Multitasking tool.

Open-source server.

The Node.js programming language is designed to create scalable, networked applications. This technology is useful for developing applications that require a constant browser-server connection, and is often used for real-time applications such as chat, news feeds, and web push notifications. Code built on the Node platform doesn't follow the traditional model: receive, process, send, wait, receive. Instead, Node handles incoming requests in a persistent event stack and sends small requests one by one without waiting for responses.

High-performance for Real-time Applications

With Node.js, you can create super-powerful applications that display results in the blink of an eye. Web applications running on Node.js benefit greatly from their multitasking capability and ability to handle 10,000 requests per second with absolutely no downtime.

Easy Scalability for Modern Applications

Node.js allows modern applications to scale up and down as needed and helps companies achieve high performance with fewer resources. Titans like Netflix, Walmart, Uber, PayPal see Node.js as a viable solution for scaling.

Easy to Learn and Quick to Adapt

It is much easier to adapt and learn Node.js for web application development and other popular cases. 49.9% of professional developers chose Node.js as the most commonly used technology.


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