Web application for VR meetings

A platform to create hyper-realistic 3D avatars, objects, and landscapes

Web application for VR meetings


Vidina is a platform where users can create and present their 3D objects in real-time

In the system, users can create stunning projects, upload 3D models, and have a session (online meeting) where they can invite other users to discuss the 3D model (related to the current project). It is necessary for users to wear VR glasses during meetings.


California, United States


Software Development

Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2020 - 2021

Client background

Our client believes that technological growth provides enormous benefits to the human race. He builds immersive, high-quality virtual reality applications using low-cost, next-generation VR/AR surround video to create hyper-realistic, user-modifiable avatars, objects, and virtual landscapes using only a smartphone and webcam in real time. The solutions he creates use mixed reality to render new landscapes and visualizations that allow physical and digital objects to interact in real-time.

Business challenge

The main challenge was to create a user-friendly platform, where users could communicate with each other and share 3D models of their projects. Basically, it must be a place where they can create their own 3D objects, ranging from the size of a teleconferencing room to an entire city plan. In addition, our team kept in mind that the future platform is designed to help every business soar to new heights by providing users with an interface in which they can design 3D models of any objects or people.

The solution

We created a top-notch product using Angular, WordPress, and JavaScript technologies. The result is an immersive platform that provides an approach that helps users tap into new opportunities for growth, collaboration, and cost savings. All users can work with the latest 3D modeling technologies using the developed platform to improve their workflow, reducing creation time and ensuring that the desired virtual environment is designed as an exact analog of reality.

Easy-to-use VR platform

Adaptive user interfaces

Interactive project creation

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used













UI/UX Design

The project design has been carefully considered and implemented in accordance with VR platform design principles. The user interface is straightforward, the colors are well-matched, and it is easy to use - all thanks to carefully thought-out and implemented UI/UX design elements.

Log In / Sign Up

The classic option, in addition to the modern design, is the result of the joint work of our developers and designers. It includes the entry of standard user data and its confirmation. The startup section implies an accelerated registration process for a faster start of work with the platform.


The "Sessions" section allows users to show the 3D project they've created to other users. With built-in features, they can create video sessions, invite users by email, and set timers for sessions and project views.


Creating a 3D project is one of the main functions of the web application. In this section, users can view already completed projects, create new ones, add the necessary elements and files for work, edit the developed 3D model and view them with VR glasses.


Users will find three leading solutions on the platform: VModel, VStudio, and VWorld. The mix of physical and digital objects occupies the same space and interacts in real time to create new landscapes and visualizations. The platform's feature set includes registration, creating new 3D projects, and video sessions for project presentations. Users can do all this using light and dark modes, according to their preferences.


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