Platform for managing and creating documents by rural landowners

An all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and storing personal information

Platform for managing and creating documents by rural landowners


Pamofor is a web & mobile application for the researches

Users - owners of rural lands can fill out various documents and add signatures in the application. The main features of the application: filling out forms with different data; drawing boards of villages on the map; the ability to add a personalized user signature to the application; synchronization of data between different devices.


Cocody, Côte d'Ivoire


Business Services

Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2020 - 2021

Client background

Pamofor is a product of an organization called AFOR, which throws for social cohesion and securing rural land. AFOR is an Executing Agency, a legal person endowed with financial autonomy, its own assets and means of management. The creation of AFOR responds to the need of the Head of State and his Government to accelerate the process of securing rural land, to prevent the many crises that undermine this area.

Business challenge

The main challenge for our team was to create an application with the ability to synchronize all data with the server and other researchers. Development of the application from scratch, designing the structure of the application. Moreover, the application must collect and store all the information and have maximum protection for the collected data, so that users can be sure that the data they entered is safe and not disclosed.

The solution

As a result of painstaking work, we created an adaptive application that functions effectively in both web and mobile versions. The application's primary function is to generate certificates of land ownership in rural areas, including the personal data of the right holder and a unique signature. Also, an important option is synchronizing the application with the map, where the user can define the boundaries of his territory and leave his mark. This easy-to-use application was created using Angular, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress technologies.

All personal information in one place

Application with built-in map sync function

Data synchronization between different devices

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used













UI/UX Design

Our designers developed an adaptive design incorporating UI and UX principles for mobile and web versions. The critical point is the possibility to enter personal data as conveniently and clearly as possible and add a personalized signature for further use.


This function is the primary and initial for any application. It includes a standard form for filling in the user's data and a button to confirm the data entered. It can also display saved data entered earlier by the user.

Signature creating

The user must correctly create their signature using touch input. This is one of the main functions of the app. If necessary, it can be deleted and re-created.

Village adding

During document creation, the user specifies the name and code of the area for which the document is created. After adding the source data, the user can mark the boundaries of the selected location on the map.


This project was designed and developed according to the initial client requirements as well as the business goals. As a result, the application was filled with features such as authorization, data entry, creating (editing, deleting) signatures, adding rural territory areas, the ability to mark added areas on the map by boundaries, synchronization between different devices, secure storage of entered data, adaptability of the application for web and mobile versions.


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