Web application for video meetings

Helps to understand the state of the video system and solve problems faster

Web application for video meetings


Agent Walrus is a web application that allows users to set up and manage video calls

This web-based video meeting application offers a comprehensive service that allows users to collect and analyze statistics related to their video meetings, including the number of participants, their locations, browser versions, and provides a rating section. In addition, users can obtain the start and end time information for each session.


Delaware, United States



Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2022 - ongoing

Client background

Client's project - Agent Walrus - is a powerful tool designed to help engineering teams visualize, analyze, and troubleshoot their video chat software. It helps improve their product's uptime, performance, and scalability without the need for WebRTC expertise, enabling teams to optimize their video chat software quickly and easily. Also, it allows users to easily detect and diagnose issues with video chat software, so they can quickly identify and fix any problems, and provides a detailed analysis of the whole system so that users can monitor performance and scalability in real-time.

Business challenge

Our development team was tasked to create a web application to guarantee collecting information about video calls, including the number of participants, their location, and information about the device from which the call was made. The main goal was to develop a business solution for each user whose activities are related to video calls to collect information, identify and diagnose errors during the call.

The solution

The task was solved using React and Typescript technologies and their components. The final result for the customer was a platform that accurately and quickly identifies critical data about the video call, who made the call, where it came from, what device was used, and even recognizes the user's browser version. At the same time, the system searches for and identifies errors and problems that arise during the call and helps resolve them so that video calls run smoothly.

Easy-to-use platform

Simple analytics process

Agile information gathering

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used











The top features of a platform include the ability to connect with multiple people and the option to record and share sessions. The most crucial feature, however, is ensuring that the video call technology is reliable and can handle large volumes of traffic without any issues. These features combine to create an immersive user experience that will keep users coming back for more.

Demo App

With the help of a demo app for video calls, users can easily explore the features that come with video calling. They can test out all the features and get an idea of how to use them to make their calls more efficient and productive. They can also adjust their call settings, like audio quality, video resolution, and more.

User Sessions

This section collects and stores all vital information about the user. Namely - his name, data about the duration of video calls he made on the platform, location, and item with feedback if the user filled it out. There is also a function to filter search queries if data is needed for a certain amount of time the user has spent on the platform and more.


The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the performance of the video call service. It includes data on user sessions, conferences, call information, error rates, user feedback, and even geographical distribution. This data can be used to identify areas where improvements need to be made and ensure that the platform users have a better experience with it.


The platform's functionality meets the basic needs of users who often conduct video calls or conferences, and for them the efficiency and smooth operation of video calls are essential. Thus, the platform can test the first video call, configure audio and video call functions, and check the detection and problems solving system. Also, the general user session data, their location, detected errors, and geolocation is available for users. All of this information can be found through a search, setting filtering by time interval and as charts.


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