SALI standards billing compliance tool

Helps to identify the type of law firm services

SALI standards billing compliance tool


Web app defines the type of legal services by short query

SALI is a web application that allows users to map legal texts to SALI tags easily. To do this, enter legal texts (for example, long texts of documents), and the tool will provide users with probable SALI tags. Additional features are also available for processing legal texts in bulk - integration with the billing system and REST API.


Birmingham, Michigan


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Client background

Business challenge

Since we are talking about common standards for law firms in billing, our client's goal is to help reduce disputes and write-offs in those invoices and allow corporations to compare firms, report and analyze that data. Since it can be difficult for law firms to comply with established SALI standards and often have to do manual work to meet them, automating the process is essential both for our client and these firms. The web application must combine AI technology and respond quickly to user input.

The solution

Our team considered all the client's development requirements and conducted a detailed analysis of the available data before starting the work. As a result, we developed the application's architecture on NextJS and the frontend part using React technology. The leading development for the web application was a method that parses information from the SALI platform. Whenever the application receives a user's text request, the program processes it using AI technology. It outputs the exact text result based on the available data in the database.

Data processing with AI technology

Automation of manual work

Quick download of acquired data

We worked on

UX/UI Design

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The main functionality of the web application consists of the possibility for the user to enter a request for an invoice to determine the type of legal services from the firm. The results are displayed in the same window in tabular form and can be downloaded by the user to any device for further processing or personal use.

Data entry

The user can enter legal text, such as the user's areas of law, other classifications, narrative descriptions, and longer document texts. If the information is entered correctly, the program will quickly and accurately respond to the query. There is also a custom filtering option - to include and exclude words containing a query and specify the beginning and end of the search phrase.

Results view

The program displays the text result as a table with all the matches for the text query, description, information source, and more. There can be several results if the matches are by keywords, allowing the user to choose from a list of results he is looking for.


The user can download all the results obtained as a table in CSV format. The download does not require additional data entry but is automatically downloaded to the user's device for further viewing.


Web application SALI combines a user-friendly experience where the user receives multiple processed responses using AI technology. That allows him to choose the desired result based on the original query the user entered. The platform is visually pleasing and requires no additional registration or identity verification process. And most importantly - it is designed as a billing compliance tool per SALI standards.


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