Web App to connect multiple phones

Combine mobile phone numbers into a new, generated one

Web App to connect multiple phones


The application provides users with a unique local phone number

CondoBuzzer is a web application that allows users from the USA and Canada to combine their mobile phone numbers into a new one. It solves the problem in modern residential buildings where only one local phone number can be connected to a unit’s intercom. Users just need to choose a rate and send a request to the provider.


USA, Los Angeles


Business Services

Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2022 -ongoing

Client background

Condo Buzzer Technologies Inc. started to solve one simple problem: get customers' condo or apartment buzzer to call more than one phone. Our client wants to make people's lives easier with his product. Since only one phone number is assigned to the tenants of the houses - all delivery services or payment for other services go through it. Condo building buzzer systems are programmed to accept one phone number per unit. Not so great when it's set up with the customer’s roommate's number, who's always at the gym when Amazon tries to deliver.

Business challenge

Our client utilizes VoIP technology to enable his customers to connect up to five phone numbers to their buzzer. He generates a unique local phone number that sits in place of the current number in the customer building's system. Based on this, customers should be able to manage their subscriptions (cancel, upgrade, downgrade, and change phone numbers). Condo Buzzer should be able to control the availability of the VoIP service. If the VoIP server is down, it should move to another server or a new service.

The solution

As a result, we built a scalable, highly available web application in AWS to collect and store user names, cities, and phone numbers, create incoming beeper numbers(via Stripe API), product and subscription information. Serverless features were preferred in development because, in most cases, no resources are required. Once a user connects to the system, the application provides a new VoIP number (localized for their city), sets up call forwarding (one for each phone number), and configures a call group consisting of all the forwarding associated with the user. If the user specifies his intercom number, the application will create a safelist containing that number and apply it to the VoIP number. The VoIP number will then be delivered via email/message to the user. The development was done using Angular and Node.js technologies.

Simplified phone number management

Effortless multiple phone connection

The clear number creation system

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used














The main functionality of the platform implies the possibility to subscribe to the product and make payments for the services of creating and maintaining new phone numbers. Additional features help to send the created phone numbers of users to their email.


A subscription gives users access to basic functionality - creating a number, maintaining it, and receiving emails with new phone numbers or updates. The subscription process is a standard procedure. It includes entering primary data about the user for further personalized login into their account and payment data for further payment for platform services.

Creating a phone number

Creating a phone number is done with a VoIP service that generates unlimited phone numbers, allowing each platform user to create their personal phone number that is not repeated anywhere else.

Sending out emails

As soon as the user's phone number is generated, the system sends it as a file in an email to the address specified by the user. The mailing process is secure and protects the personal data of each user.


CondoBuzzer is designed to help users make everyday life easier. So that apartment owners can have the ability to share payment or delivery processes between them, which are made through the connected phone number of the apartment owner. For this purpose, the idea of a platform for connecting more phone numbers was created and developed. The main functionality allows users to subscribe to the platform, make payments for the services received, create up to 5 new phone numbers, connect them to the house service system, and receive the created phone numbers by email safely and quickly.


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