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Seamlessly connecting gamers with brands


HotPlay gives users the ability to create and manage different types of advertising campaigns

HotPlay is a revolutionary change in the industry that will take in-game advertising to the next level. The company was created through a strategic collaboration of the highest-level professionals in critical industries ranging from technology, multimedia, games, and entertainment to venture capital funding. HotPlay is ready to offer a revolutionary marketing solution that harmonizes the interaction between businesses and players.




Digital Marketing

Team size

10 people

Partnership period


Client background

HotPlay creators are positioning themselves as a pioneer in creating seamless integrated advertising that can flawlessly coexist with the surrounding game content. Their non-intrusive and interactive advertising content allows brands to instantly connect to 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, leading to greater brand awareness and wider market reach, which in turn will generate business growth for businesses.

Business challenge

Our goal was to develop a platform where users would have the ability to add billing info to the system (add card) to start campaigns. Create a dashboard where users can manage all campaigns. There must be 2 roles in the system: user and admin. The administrator must have access to all campaigns and must approve them before launching. All of these points encapsulate the main goal of the customer - to drive better engagement between brands and their customer base.

The solution

As a result, our client got a user-friendly platform where users can create an account, add billing information, and create and manage advertising campaigns. To start campaigns, the users can add billing info to the system (add card). On the dashboard users can manage all campaigns. Users can specify general data about the campaign, specify budget, upload images for campaign, and data about target audience. More specifically, the platform has helped to build partnerships with game publishers and studios worldwide so they can increase monetization and retention rates while minimizing the overall cost of user engagement. We achieved our own and our client's goals using Node.js technology.

Playful and clear interface
Useful interaction with advertising
Built-in ad space sales function

We worked on

UX/UI Design
Web Development
Quality Assurance
Project Management

Technologies used








UI/UX Design

The design of the project was created based on two key principles - usability and display of key elements for working with the platform.


The first thing the user sees in the system is the registration form. From the design side, it includes the basic elements for user registration. From the development side, this process is fast and precise.


This section contains all the necessary information about the advertising campaigns created and launched by the user. The functionality includes creating new, viewing, and editing existing campaigns, tracking key metrics, and managing the entire process.


The billing process is an essential part of working on the platform. This is where the user's financial data is stored, which will later be used in the advertising launch process (debit function).



The main goal of the built functionality is to create an environment where all users can meaningfully interact with advertising and receive their rewards both in the game and in real life.


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