Video Management Server

Provides broadcast from home and office video cameras in real time

Video Management Server


The App shows a live feed from all installed cameras

Vigil Zone is an application that allows camera owners to collect and process recordings from video cameras. The application's functionality allows users to control and monitor different types of cameras installed at home, in the office, or on company premises. Also, users can manage the cameras, save the recordings, and download them here.


Diekirch, Luxembourg


Business Services

Team size

10 people

Partnership period


Client background

Vigil Zone company specializes in systems and services for the surveillance, protection, and management of homes and businesses. The client founded the company in 2011 when the security business needed to be more technologically advanced. The need to install video surveillance cameras in businesses and private homes has increased considerably. At the same time, there was also a need to develop software to support their management and use.

Business challenge

Our client's service covers different groups of users - from homeowners, office tenants, and owners of large industrial buildings. To increase the efficiency of their work, it is essential to combine all user groups into a single system and create a program that suits everyone. To meet their audience's needs and stay one step ahead of the competition, the client needs to develop an application with the ability to view video from cameras on multiple screens simultaneously, store recordings on the server, and download materials to their media.

The solution

We carried out comprehensive work to cover all the client's requirements. Our developing solution is based on the creation of a product with the ability to collect, store, display, and download the data obtained from the video cameras. During the preparatory phase, our team designed the component structure from the initial design and approved it with the client. In the next stage, we developed a hybrid mobile and web application from scratch on Angular and Ionic, built native apps, and uploaded them to the Play Market and App Store. That generally allows the user to view multiple cameras on one screen, put them in the proper order, zoom in on frames, take screenshots, and record the screen.

High-quality screen recording ability

API server support

Easy switching between cameras

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used








UI/UX Design

Before developing the design, our team carefully studied the client's business. That makes it clear which user path would be the most optimal for the application's end user. With a detailed analysis of the target audience, we created a design for registration, viewing the list of cameras, with the ability to group them depending on their purpose. We also added a design for quickly viewing all the cameras on one screen and moving them around fast.

Log In

The user must fill out a login form to log into the system. The form fields are Server, User, and Password. Registration is not possible here - the user receives an account from the company. If the user forgets his password, he can restore it. To restore the password, he needs to contact the company.

Monitor view

The user sees all the cameras installed on the server. They can be divided into groups, and the user can select one by clicking on the Groups button at the bottom of the page.


In this application section, the user can view the saved video recordings, edit, delete, and download them from the server. There is also a function to switch between servers that store recordings from different surveillance cameras.


The Vigil Zone application has various features that enable collecting and storing video data from cameras. It allows you to customize the storage settings, select recording formats and resolutions, track events and notifications about them, view video from cameras in real time, and playback from the archive. This helps you track objects and events in front of the camera more efficiently and accurately.


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