Vehicle rental mobile app

Long-term fleet rental system

Vehicle rental mobile app


Fleetlink is a service that helps provide vehicles for rent

Fleetlink is a German service that offers a combination of low-cost-long-term rent and intelligent fleet management for a fixed monthly fee. It is the service that helps to provide cars for rent and to track damages after renting. Customers can sum up damages that don't affect safety over the contract term.


Höhr-Grenzhausen, Rheinland-Pfalz



Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2018 - 2020

Client background

Our customer's philosophy is related to the uniqueness of the created project. Up to now, there is no comparable mobility solution in the German logistics market. Back in 2015, they realized the problem of vehicle procurement in the B2B sector and created an innovative solution. As specialists with direct experience in the CEP industry, they allow their clients as entrepreneurs to purchase and use vehicles easily, reliably, and transparently, with full cost control and a fair price guarantee.

Business challenge

The goal was to develop an app that allows customers to analyze and monitor rental vehicles. It should be a product that combines features of flexible vehicle procurement and digital fleet management that helps companies build, expand, and efficiently manage their fleets with the Fleetlink app. In a word - effective fleet solution for every application and an innovative business model in the mobility market.

The solution

The result of our work is a hybrid mobile app that allows customers to check the state of their vehicles and pay their invoices via the app. It helps the users to monitor the vehicle with the help of mobile phones, analyze the history of exploitation and collect information about the vehicle in case of damages. The created application includes features like renting a vehicle, getting digital fleet management, insurance, maintenance & wear services, and GPS tracking features. Our team used a combination of Angular and Ionic technologies to achieve the goals.

Adaptive app for mobile devices

Easy-to-understand payment system

Rental management & maintenance functions

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used









The visually clear and easy-to-use application gives users full control over their fleet. It simplifies management by centrally storing all documents and GPS data. In general, it includes standard functions such as Car-Check, driver overview, vehicle locations, and more so that all tasks can be better coordinated.


This allows the customer to record the condition of each vehicle in real time. This makes it easier to identify deficiencies. To do this, the app only needs eight photos of each customer's vehicle once a month. The app does this quickly, and you save time because you don't have to take the car anywhere.

Vehicle Location

Thanks to this app, users can keep track of all the vehicles in their fleet. Kilometers traveled, vehicle location, fuel level - all this is automatically tracked by the system.

Driver overview

This function of the app helps the lessor of the vehicle to view the basic data of the new customer based on the data he has entered about himself. In this way, the system stores and processes data about all customers, controls rental operations and facilitates the documentation part of the work.


The app's user goals are achieved through specific functionality filled with instructions on how to use and fill out basic forms. The system also walks the user step by step through all the types of services they can order directly in the app and introduces all the items they will manage when using the whole platform.


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