Takeout Food Delivery App

Growth and advancement app for small businesses

Takeout Food Delivery App


Hundred Forks is an app that allows you to order food online

Hundred Forks is an app for ordering takeout food. It focuses on smaller restaurants rather than well-known food chains to help a small business grow and advance. It also has a social element – users can see which food is the most popular in their area, rate dishes in their order, and share their experience with friends.


Los Angeles, California



Team size

10 people

Partnership period


Client background

Hundred Forks is positioned as a fun, adventurous, useful, and just plain different company. They started out by focusing on filtering and ordering food, being time-efficient, and saving time. The team's mission is to power streets and kitchens, brighten America's kitchens, and create a powerful tool that people can use on a daily basis that is effective, useful, and time-saving.

Business challenge

As we designed the app with non-technical people in mind, we prioritized making it easy-to-use and fast, so that it would run well on old iPads. The technical challenge was also to implement ability provide a tablet app for restaurants to manage their menu and orders. All menu items had to have colorful, appetizing images. To get a working app that will help both users in ordering food and small businesses to increase the number of loyal audience.

The solution

Eventually we have a usable app with a social element in it – users can see which food is the most popular in their area, rate dishes in their order and share their experience with friends. Moreover, the app automatically indicates whether a certain dish contains an ingredient the customer is allergic to. What's significant is that it’s useful because customers can filter and order from these restaurants on their way to their destinations, such as from the airport to the hotel, from work to home and from home to any destination.

Useful and time-saving tool

A map showing food trucks' location in real time

Added features for customers & businesses

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used











UI/UX Design

Since this is an app for ordering food to take home or just to take out - the design should attract more customers. Starting from the idea that food is an essential part of our everyday life, we created a bright design for an app that is not only easy to use, but also pleasant.


All the information you need about nearby takeout restaurants in one place. Appetizing images, clever UI design combined to give a catchy-looking start page.


The search process became even more pleasant than the waiting for the order. Playful interface and visual items create single impression with the customer.


Here you can observe user-friendly application section that allows customers choose, order and track the status of the favorite food in real-time mode.


The real pleasure of using this application begins after you register with it. Then you can enter data about food preferences, allergies, and location to make it easier to choose the best restaurant. Just pick up the food of your choice at the delivery place after you order it.


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