Trading intelligence for NFTs & Crypto

A platform where traders utilize market intelligence & make winning deals

Trading intelligence for NFTs & Crypto


A web application for trading cryptocurrency with other individual traders

The application provides its users with possibilities to create account, track NFT market situation with dynamic charts, make statistical calculations based on market situation, and get customizable real-time alerts about latest changes in price or buy/sell status of NFT units. All in one toolbox to make considered decisions, and be ahead of the herd in NFTs.


Budapest, Hungary


Financial Services

Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2022 - 2023

Client background

The company is highly committed to delivering quality services and helping businesses succeed in the NFT space. Our client's vision is to build a marketplace to support every NFT collection and every project that looks to create an impact with NFTs and build their communities around them and promote the value of sustainability and climate protection. Also, CyberBox company strives to develop innovative solutions for the NFT market, taking into account the needs of both the buyers and sellers.

Business challenge

NFT companies face a number of unique challenges in the business world. One of the biggest challenges is educating potential customers and clients about the value and use cases of NFTs. Many people are still unfamiliar with the technology and its potential uses, which can make it difficult for NFT companies to generate interest and attract new customers. Our team was tasked with creating a platform to help solve these problems, attract new customers, create a positive experience, and be understood by current and new users.

The solution

Our development team was able to successfully complete the task using technologies such as NextJS and React. We used NextJS as a framework to create server-side rendering React applications. This allowed us to easily create a fast and responsive user interface for the platform. We also used React to create individual components of our platform, such as the search bar and NFT ad pages. Our team also implemented a digital asset management system allowing users to view and manage their NFT portfolios easily. We are proud of our accomplishment and believe that this platform will be an essential tool for growth in the NFT market and a business solution for our client.

Personalized web application

Easily customizable data visualization

Simplified trading process

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used










The development and implementation of the core features were based on the main principle of the platform, which is equal to the direction of a digital marketplace, where creators can mine and sell unique digital assets, and buyers can buy and exchange these assets with non-playable tokens on the blockchain. Due to this, the NFT platform offers additional features, such as filtering, sorting, tracking statistics, token management, and security, which enables users to manage and protect their assets more easily.


The created NFT platform has various charting capabilities to display data such as token prices, trading volume, and ownership statistics. It simplifies the process of making informed decisions by allowing users to visualize market trends.

Statistical calculations

This section includes the ability to calculate various statistics, such as token value, ownership distribution, and trading volume. This allows users to get an in-depth view of the state of the market and make informed decisions based on this data.

Filtering and sorting capabilities

Another essential feature of the platform is the advanced filtering and sorting capabilities that allow users to find and view specific tokens easily. This way, users can quickly find their needed assets and make informed decisions. Search history is stored on the user's system, allowing them to view past search results.


The functionality of our project contains the basic principles of the NFT platform and takes into account the main trends of the modern NFT market. The platform allows users to create an individual profile, view basic charts and statistical data on cryptocurrency rates in a convenient interface, meet leading cryptocurrency holders, and engage in trading as a seller and buyer. The data filtering and sorting function will help to view and analyze only essential data to make crucial decisions. The result is convenient and efficient interaction with the platform for the user, and a successful business solution for the client.


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