Smart City Mobile Application

Connects the users with companies, dealers, and service providers

Smart City Mobile Application


The App provides users with whole city services

Portazon connects end users with companies, traders, restaurateurs, and service providers from Trier and the region. With the Smart City Super App, users can experience unprecedented product or service offers and complete their everyday tasks easily and conveniently via smartphone.


Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz


Business Services

Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2022 - ongoing

Client background

Our customer sees himself as a partner of local service providers and wants to strengthen Trier and the region with smart, innovative solutions that integrate neighborhoods and the city. The Smart City Super App will help customers discover new products and services and perform their daily tasks simply and conveniently using only their smartphone. Our client's goal is to develop and promote with their retail, grocery, and service partners. They will continue establishing shopping and catering, mobility (public transport/VRT) and e-mobility (e-car charging), SWT and city services, and leisure and tourism in the Portazon application.

Business challenge

The task that our client set for us was to create a mobile app that performs smart city functions. To meet this business goal, the app should combine communication, city services, payment, and commerce topics. Also, there should be Trier and the region in one app - digital, intelligent, and innovative. Including shopping and gastronomy, city services such as VRT, parking, SWT, e-car charging, and tourism - for the whole family.

The solution

The final result covers all the initial requirements and is based on the "smart city" application principles. Namely, it contains many small services related to the city - parking, access to the city wi-fi, map with symbols, city transport plan, and news bulletin. It also includes a marketplace - a store that can deliver food and drinks and all sorts of things (clothes, tools, etc.). All of this is in different sections and at various stages of implementation. Our team paid particular attention to the selection of application features and their implementation from a development point of view. This task was accomplished using Angular and Ionic technologies.

IoT network possibilities

“On the go” access

Product and service combining

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used














The full functionality of the mobile application includes the ability to make purchases of any goods and order services. You can have goods or food delivered to your home. Buy a parking ticket online with PayByPhone or manage the charging process of your electric car. Find information about customer centers, job offers, and travel promotions.


The shopping function allows users to collect selected products from different stores into a shopping cart and set the order date and home delivery. It is also possible to combine products from other vendors into one large order and pay for it in a few clicks in a convenient way - by credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

SWT Contract management

This function allows you to link users' energy contracts with Stadtwerke Trier and manage them directly in the app. It includes data adjustments, meter readings, discounts, or invoices. With Portazon, you always have an overview of all your contracts.

Services searching

The search function allows users to save time when searching for necessary information on the Internet. Transport schedules, parking locations, free wi-fi, carsharing, ATM information - all in one place. You must enter a search query in the application and select the desired result from the displayed list.


The Portazon mobile application helps users find contact with retailers, restaurateurs, and other service providers from Trier and the region. The convenience of the app lies in the access to all city systems and services, which can be found in the app on the go and save a lot of time.


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