Investment Assistant platform

Offers independent and innovative management of pension and investment assets

Investment Assistant platform


The platform provides professional investing without any effort

PSS is an investment assistant platform enabling users to perform various investment-related activities. The platform offers features like managing portfolios, viewing performance reports, and accessing valuable insights and recommendations. Users can make informed investment decisions thanks to the platform's data analysis capabilities.


Switzerland, Zurich


Business Services

Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2021 - ongoing

Client background

After conducting an initial market analysis, it became clear to our client that most investment solutions on the market were overpriced and too complex to invest below one million Swiss francs. That prompted our client to develop modern, cost-effective, simple retirement investments. Our client's investment strategies are developed and managed by Swiss pension funds. PSS allocates assets among over 2,000 securities to minimize the risks associated with specific companies. Their portfolio invests in more than 20 countries and more than 160 industries.

Business challenge

Since our client is focused on helping his clients with their investments, he needs to create a platform that connects them with the product in the first place, where he can create his profile. His portfolio and investment statistics should also be displayed there, achieving the client's goal of helping users ease their way into investing without banks. It's because no bank makes the right decisions. The key is to provide users with neutral investment decisions on fair terms. This goal uses a decision-making approach free of conflicts of interest and will help avoid overpricing the banks' products.

The solution

Our development team carefully studied the client's requirements for the project and the final goals he plans to achieve with the finished product. After the research phase, we started planning, prototyping, and developing. The front-end and back-end development was based on Angular, JavaScript, and Typescript technologies. We designed and implemented new widgets - the ability to upload files, video identification connection, form validation, and automatic filling fields to enter the city/country based on ZIP codes. We also refactored the platform structure and created many charts that would be relevant and understandable to display data that the user can analyze and use in making important investment decisions.

Flexible investing tracking

Easy document access

Detailed & graphic data presentation

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used









The main functionality of the investment platform consists of registration, creating a personal profile to enter personal data, and tracking & analyzing investment data. To correctly collect and display all user data, the platform has a built-in feature of the graphical representation of all information. All of them, from the simplest to the most complex, are performance-oriented to show how an investment has performed in current market conditions. In this way, investors can understand the state of an investment at any time with a simple overview of the asset's development.


The registration process consists of lines for entering standard personal data and a short questionnaire to determine a profitable investment package. UI/UX principles were considered during development, which gave the development team the basis for creating a user-friendly registration process.

Investment Portfolio Management

The investment portfolio shows in detail which investment instruments PSS invests the customer's money. Here every investment instrument is described, and the development of assets is easy to see.

Investor Profile Management

Here, investors can observe the current strategy and risks and adjust them at any time to align investments with current living conditions. Profile characteristics make it easy to understand how adjustments affect expected asset development.


The main functionality of the PSS platform is aimed at simplifying the process of investing, other than banking. The platform also offers the ability to make video calls to advise investors. Subscription to use the platform has three levels - basic, plus, premium. Each platform user has access to tax statements, bank contracts, and account statements. These documents are stored in PDF format and can be called up anytime. It is an efficient and feature-rich platform for investing funds and tracking the status of your deposits in a graphical representation.


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