CRM system for Internet service providers

Helps to track and organize data on Internet services

CRM system for Internet service providers


Web app helps systematize customer information from ISP

CaminoCRM is a customer relationship management system designed specifically for internet service providers. It allows customers to monitor multiple servers simultaneously and provides extensive server performance analytics.




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Team size

5 people

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Client background

The activity of our client is related to the providing of Internet services. The purpose of creating a CRM is to provide effective tracking of the status of customers' Internet connection and the ability to quickly respond to breakdowns or to enter the necessary data where necessary for services from the provider. Thus, companies - providers can accelerate the work process by systematizing the customer database.

Business challenge

One of our main objectives was that the new design would meet the provider's specific needs while being convenient and efficient for employees and customers. We researched and analyzed the provider's current processes and techniques to ensure the new system met the goals and objectives. We carefully developed and implemented the new design, considering the client's requirements, with a straightforward and uncomplicated interface for working with databases.

The solution

The first thing we did was overhaul the UI to give the CaminoCRM a more modern look and feel. We created a fully responsive design for more than 30 screens. Next, we implemented changes using Angular and D3.js for dynamic data visualization. As a result, monitoring multiple networks became much more efficient and less frustrating. Using modern frameworks allowed us to deliver our client a new, much more snappy, well-performing system.

Intuitive user experience

Customizable workflows and fields

Personalized dashboards and views

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used






UI/UX Design

Since our client's activity is associated with providing services and monitoring connections for each client, this implies a large amount of technical information from the provider. Therefore, the design was developed on the principle of ease of perception, navigation, and a simple display of all data for their practical assessment and processing in the future.


The dashboard design for the CRM system is designed so that all internal data is provided fully and visually pleasing to the user. It includes important data such as customer connection status, communication stability, and correction history for each customer. Charts, color indicators, tables, and attractive visual elements make navigation more accessible and precise.

Customer profile

The customer who uses the services of a particular internet service provider can easily view information about the status of his connection, the series of the device through which the link is supplied, and his IP. All elements are arranged and designed not to overload the user with information and to display technical data.

Live monitoring

Tracking your ISP's activity and connection status in real time has become even more precise. With sophisticated graphs of different kinds, color variety, and proper placement of all elements, the process of connection tracking will become much more efficient.


Camino CRM system covers such functionalities as registration on the platform and viewing the connection status of each customer. The user of the provider's services can view personal data, including the series of devices to which the provider is connected and IP. The dashboards, graphs, and tables allow users to perceive and analyze a large amount of information quickly.


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