E-commerce platform

Online space where businesses can purchase large construction equipment

E-commerce platform


E-commerce platform for buying and selling construction equipment

All the customer need is to form an order based on the functional tasks of the equipment he is looking for. The platform allows him to select the desired unit in the catalog and get acquainted with the company's service. Additional functionality of the platform is the ability for the customer to sell similar products, set prices, and track orders independently.


California, United States


Business Services

Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2021 - 2022

Client background

Our client's corporation was founded with a mission to "Provide high quality, affordable construction equipment, products and services to their customers. They believe in the value of customers' assets and help them manage those assets. For more than 20 years, they have helped clients, from small individual contractors to the largest construction companies in the world, leverage the value of their assets.

Business challenge

We were tasked with creating a giant e-commerce platform to help unite buyers and sellers of large home appliances. The stated mandatory functions of the platform for effective functioning are: creating an account to buy or sell machines; browsing and selecting the services offered by the company; browsing the product catalog that includes various categories; accounting for prices and the location of another seller/buyer.

The solution

Our development team created an effective e-commerce platform with selling and buying features for customers built into it, using React, React Native and Laravel technologies. The technology we have chosen thoroughly allows us to create a platform with the necessary set of features and built-in capabilities for customers. The project is progressing well and has moved into the advanced request stage to create and enhance subsidiary applications and administrative dashboards for selling construction equipment filters.

Easy-to-use site navigation

Precise product filtering

Intelligible UI/UX elements

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used











Since the platform's primary goal is to sell the equipment presented in the catalog, the main functionality includes the key steps that will lead the user to the target action - the purchase.


The simple authorization process involves filling out a standard form, entering personal data to log in, and confirming that the data user entered is correct. It's precise and fast, with no unnecessary elements.

Catalog browsing

The user spends most of his time searching for the right product on a platform. He looks through the pages of the catalog, reads the description, and makes his final choice. This section's functionality is built to show the user the necessary information, lead him to the right page and minimize search time for more effective interaction with the platform.


This is an essential section if the user needs to find the necessary equipment quickly and according to the technical parameters. This feature helps reduce the time it takes to find the right vehicle and takes the user directly to the page he needs, without having to browse through irrelevant pages for a long time. Convenient, fast, and time-saving.


In general, the project was created and developed to sell large-size construction equipment for the audience of businesses associated with or related to construction. The user, interacting with the platform, goes all the way, built by the system, to select and purchase the necessary goods. This path includes logging in to the system, browsing catalog pages, searching by query, filtering the catalog by technical parameters to view relevant pages, viewing the description, placing an order, contacting the manager, and putting their equipment on sale. All this together corresponds to the business solutions the created platform solves for our client and the platform user.


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