Web app for managing logistics

Your personal assistant in managing the delivery process

Web app for managing logistics


The web app keeps track of all orders from placement to delivery

TruckGo is a web application through which the user can place orders for cargo delivery and track the delivery process. The app's possibilities include the registration process - as an administrator, who works for a logistics company, and as a user who tracks the path of delivery of the ordered cargo. It is also possible to choose a mode of transport, driver, enter primary data - date, country, and city of delivery, track delivery status, manage driver schedules, create efficient routes that require a lot of time to complete, and bill the company for services rendered.


United States


Online Business

Team size

10 people

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Client background

Our client is a logistics transportation company with many years of experience and an established reputation in the market. They specialize in logistics services, including trucking, warehousing, and international deliveries. Our client's primary goal is to ensure their clients move freight safely and efficiently across the country and beyond. With their business's rapid growth and expansion, our client decided to develop a web-based application to monitor their logistics shipments. This app would allow them to manage and coordinate their operations in all delivery phases, from route planning and vehicle assignment to shipment tracking and payment processing.

Business challenge

Using the developed web application, the client aims to improve the transparency and responsiveness of its logistics processes, optimize the use of resources, improve the accuracy of delivery time prediction, and increase customer satisfaction. They aim to ensure the efficient use of their resources to achieve a competitive advantage and sustainable growth in the logistics industry.

The solution

Our team developed a React and Node.js - based web application for the client. The app provides control and management of shipments, including real-time cargo tracking, route management, and delivery planning. Using this innovative app, the client will increase the efficiency of its operations, reduce costs, and improve overall logistics performance.

Real-time cargo tracking

Order and resource management

Report and invoice generation

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used











AWS cloud



The functional set of the application includes possibilities for the user to control and manage the delivery process. Enter and adjust data, and create specific requests from the client and drivers. The result of cooperation between the client and the company is an invoice generated in the application and uploaded by both the client and the company for further payment.

Sign up

Registration in the application implies two leading roles - the administrator of the logistics company and the customer. In the first role, the user can create carrier pages, create orders, enter the necessary data, and manage the delivery process, correcting the information if necessary. In the customer role, the user can monitor the delivery process, change the driver or transport, make requirements for the delivery itself, and upload the generated invoices for payment to the company.

Delivery management

While processing a new order, the user can change the date and location of the delivery and specify its current status. Create requests for a replacement driver or for days off for him to avoid taking orders on specific dates. The user can also view the profiles of the drivers, where the general information about the number of trips, their quality, and the route is indicated.

Invoice generation

After specifying all the necessary data about the delivery, the user-client receives a generated invoice with a selected list of services, basic information about the location and date of delivery, and the total amount for all company services. The invoice can be downloaded from the application in PDF format, and the client can pay for all services with it.


TruckGo is an app that will provide reliability, efficiency, and clarity in the shipping process. It designed to monitor logistics shipments offers a wide range of functionality. It allows the customer to track shipments in real-time, efficiently manage orders and resources, and generate reports and analyze data. The application's main purpose is to provide the customer with complete control over logistics processes, optimize operations and achieve high logistics productivity.


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