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An app for selling and promoting photos

Social Network


The PikMe app is a mobile platform that allows users to share their artwork

The PikMe is the social network that is helping to promote the photos and sell them to people. With this app, users can spread their artworks, get feedback from their followers, and sell their art for money. The main functions are registration and authorization processes, online payment, posting photos, and receiving notifications.


USA, New York


Social Network

Team size

10 people

Partnership period


Client background

The customer is positioning himself as a creator of democratizing social media where everyone has a chance to profit from their photos. You can upload your photos, enter contests, vote for your favorites and the best photo wins. Moreover, on PikMe, you can judge millions of photo contests. Your votes decide who makes money and who doesn't. By becoming a top voter, everyone can prove their 20/20 vision and earn money. This is what he is.

Business challenge

Our goal was to develop an app where users will have two main options: buy great photos & join a contest to win, and sell their photos & profit from their skills. Also, all content that the customers see should be based on their previous votes. There was also assumed that there were additional but no less important features: upload selected photos on a platform, earn money by voting, selling photos in the PikMe Marketplace.

The solution

Eventually, we have a mobile application that helps users to spread their art, get feedback from their followers and receive money from selling their pieces of art. This app includes logging, authorization, password recovery, payments, settings, posting photos, notifications, etc. We achieved these compelling results by using React and React Native technologies. Social media is run by athletes, brands, celebrities, and influencers who determine what will go viral. Now it doesn't. PikMe has put the power back in the hands of users. And has been very successful at it.

Clear process of registration and uploading photos

Easy-to-understand voting system

Added features for customers & sellers

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used







React Native




The application's functionality is based on the principle of a social network to distribute and promote top photos by users. Consider the main of them, namely the voting function, the marketplace, where the main processes of photo promotion take place, and the leaderboard, which collects statistics on the most active users.


The perfect solution for those who share their work and want to rate other members' work. Choose, browse, vote, get votes back, and share your experience with others in one click.


The center of the app is where all the processes of selling your photos and buying other photos take place. Select the category you are interested in, comment, buy, and enjoy the process.


Want to see yourself at the top or view the top users of the application? You have this opportunity, thanks to the "Leaderboard" section. It includes voting ratings, a list of popular photographers and PikMe players.


The internal and visual part of the site is built in such a way as to attract the users' attention from the first screen and lead them through all the menu items, prompting them to take targeted action. Namely: participate in voting, add their photos or buy photos from other users.


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