Booking beauty appointment platform

The best way to book your next beauty appointment

Booking beauty appointment platform


Glamezy is a B2C marketplace product for the beauty and wellness industry

Users use this responsive website to book appointments in nearby venues, get consultations and pay for their hair and beauty cosmetic treatments. This website is included registration, login, payments, google maps, email/SMS, analytics, etc. The main focus of it - is promoting self-care and uplifting mental health awareness.


Sydney, New South Wales


Beauty & Wellness

Team size

10 people

Partnership period


Client background

At Glamezy, our client's vision is to empower small and medium businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. They thought of starting this journey to make an actual difference in mental health and well-being during the lockdown period, so they began Glamezy. Company about themselves: "At Glamezy, we find joy in helping others thrive, so whatever the connection is between us, we look forward to nurturing us."

Business challenge

Our task was to develop a website where booking beauty services must be simple. Customers should be able to find services nearby, book in advance, or on the go to choose a time that is convenient for them. At the same time, the platform should satisfy client's business partners that instantly connect customers with their beauty and wellness businesses. And help companies to grow sales, reach more customers and secure more bookings.

The solution

As a result, clients of the site can conduct one-touch searches and immediately book appointments at their favorite salons. In addition, they can shortlist their favorite salons in Glamezy with one tap, browse beauty salons nearby, and make direct appointments with their favorite stylist. An additional customer-focused feature is the accrual of points for each appointment clients book and pay for through the site. And, of course, there are several features for affiliates, such as getting exclusive offers on various beauty and health businesses and becoming part of the influencer program.

All beauty bookings are in one place.

Trackable and stored securely appointments

Added features for clients & partners

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used










AWS cloud



We have developed a user-friendly site using first-class React and Node.js technologies. Both partners and clients of Glamezy can conveniently use the platform, be satisfied with a pleasant interface, and always be sure to get the best beauty solution in their area.


Clients' path in their booking appointment has never been so easy. It’s like a journey from one point to another. And today, this journey build according to the "quick, easy, and pleasant" principle.

Options for partners

Business partners are also part of the Glamezy world. The platform allows them to track client activity and provides results in a user-friendly and corporate interface.


A vital component of the platform is finding a reservation location on a map. We created and built in components for search capabilities through the platform's web version, where users can easily navigate to use and find the beauty salon they want.


Built-in website functions help its user to perform such targeted actions as - searching for the nearest beauty salons, recording a procedure, viewing a calendar with an appointment, and viewing a list of services, which provides both the platform itself and the nearby salons.


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