Apartment Management System

An online hub for building alerts and information

Apartment Management System


With Mimor, apartment communities can create harmonious living environments

You can easily access information and alerts about your building online from a convenient, central location. Check-in and check-out procedures, reservations for common areas and facilities, general announcements, SMS alerts, noticeboards, and informational announcements - here is everything you need to know about working in strata titles.


Melbourne, Australia


Business Services

Team size

10 people

Partnership period


Client background

Our client began working on this project with the global goal of creating a system to help provide an automated online reservation system for moving into a new building that includes guidelines and rules for moving. No more phone calls or emails to the management corporation or real estate agent. The MiMOR reservation system aims to make a move less stressful, allows for the installation of elevator guards before the move if the building has an elevator, and tries to limit the disruption to everyone living in the building.

Business challenge

Our development team's main challenge was implementing features like SMS alerts and a noticeboard to see what was happening in the building. Create a convenient solution for building communications that is easy to register, access, and use. Owners, building managers, corporation managers, real estate agents, and service providers should all find it convenient to use. It was necessary to create a single portal to serve as the center of all communications.

The solution

We developed the UI and UX part of the project, partially Back-end and completely Front-end part. The interface was presented as an easy-to-use system that meets all initial requirements and makes the user path more convenient and clearer. As a result, our customer got an effective online platform with the necessary technical features built into it. The system is extremely easy to navigate, and setting up a process for the new building is smooth and intuitive. Furthermore, Mimor can meet all the needs of real estate industry professionals in managing medium to high-density housing on a high level in the 21st century.

Simplified check-in process

All information is stored in one place

Convenient solution for building communications

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used













General platform functionality includes: bookings, email and SMS communications, reports, billing details, and a calendar to track move-in/move-out activity. Together they form a system that functions effectively in many of our client's partners' households today.

Report Statistic

This section includes statistical data collected by the platform on the user's account. In the future, they can be used to compile reports and collect the necessary information for the client.


Here user can easily manage all the building processes, connected with procedures and reservations. All data is stored in the calendar and can later be used by the user at any time.

Billing Details

To avoid losing essential billing details, a particular form has been created on the platform to display this information. The user can manage previously entered data, delete them and create new ones.


Using the platform, you will see user-friendly navigation that clearly guides the visitor through all the crucial blocks of the site. Notably, the platform offers a straightforward user path for both tenants and landlords.


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