A platform for content creators

Offers a space for sharing information and collaboration in one place

A platform for content creators


Web platform for learning, sharing, and collaboration

Shala is a platform that gives a lot of possibilities for creating programs, seminars, courses, and other types of content. The user can consider it a personal virtual computer, which contains various programs in addition to storing information. The programs are available on the platform will be written by developers and connected to the platform. Users can augment this information space with different types of content - videos, text information, programs, and so on - and use what others have created.


Germany, Berlin


Online Business

Team size

10 people

Partnership period

2022 - present

Client background

Our client's initial goal is to build a social Internet with accessible paths to co-create solutions in an open environment and a fair value-sharing system for each user. They measure and share value with each user based on their personal contributions, including data, content, features, and communities. Shala's open environment breaks down the walls that separate users and solution creators in the closed systems of the modern Internet. They organically evolve into a decentralized network of equitable sharing ecosystems that serve as blockchain nodes.

Business challenge

Our client wanted to create not just a platform but an ecological environment on the Internet, where creators of any type of content and other users could collaborate with each other. The ultimate business goal was to build a new social innovation system with significantly lower risk, costs, and time to co-create new solutions. Users should be able to create, publish and share text and video content within the platform. Also, a specialty is that the data will be distributed and belong to the users, not to specific companies with servers on the POD (personal online drive) system.

The solution

As a result, our team created MFE architecture connecting dozens of platform services and enabling ecosystem scaling. We prototyped and developed over 15 micro frontends, including Page Editor, Content Browser, Kanban Board, and many more, using React technology. This contribution to the development will allow the client to realize the principle of creating solutions that work on several apps co-created by users and value shared with all contributors.

Clear creation of various types of content

Native user wallet for each user

Transparent platform navigation

We worked on

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Technologies used








Since the platform allows content creators and consumers to cooperate, the main functions are content-related. Users can create text and video content and programs, share it with users within the system, design it in a reader-friendly way, and create video conferences to share valuable information in a live-stream format.

Content creation

The format for creating content within the platform is similar to a text editor, where you can arrange the material in any convenient form. If there is no time to continue working on the text - the platform will save the current version, which you can return to later. Video materials can be uploaded directly to the platform by adding a short description to it. After publication, users can see the content statistics - views and comments. Also, you can upload program materials so that others can download and use them in a convenient way.

Content sharing

After publishing content, users and content creators can share it with other users within the platform. This can be done for one person or a larger circle of people. A button is available on the publication screen for this option, similar to social media sharing.

Online events

If there is a need to share valuable information live - this option is also available within the platform. The user can set the date of the online meeting, the time, the topic, and a short outline. Other users can add this event to the list of other online meetings and share this news with others.


The Shala web platform has a wide range of functionality for content creators and consumers. Creating text material, uploading video materials and programs, and arranging online broadcasts for a wide range of users - are the main things this resource can offer. The developed ecosystem's primary value is the compatibility of content and solutions that lower the user barrier. Thus, the Internet is moving from closed systems owned by large companies to open solutions created by millions of users.


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