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The Ruby language carefully balances functional programming and imperative programming. It was designed to be natural and intuitive, but not too simple to be effective. Fans of Ruby consider it a "beautiful, skillful language". Developers coding in Ruby can make changes to the way the language itself works. More specifically, Ruby is a scripting language designed for developing front- and backend sites, as well as other similar applications. It is a robust, dynamically typed, object-oriented language with a high-level syntax that allows you to program in it almost like in English.

Universal and Portable Language

It can just as easily be used on Windows, macOS, Linux, and even UNIX and DOS. No matter what kind of programming work you want to do, chances are you can do it in Ruby.

Problem-solving Approaches

Ruby projects try several different approaches to solving problems, unlike, for example, Python, which focuses on a single, unambiguous solution for each problem.


One of the features that makes Ruby so user-friendly is that it hides a lot of details from the programmer. This makes programming in Ruby much easier than in other common languages with more complex structures, such as C and C++.


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Using Ruby technology, our developers successfully create new commercial products. It’s most often used to create web applications. But since it is a general-purpose language, it can also be used for many other types of programs.


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Hey there, I'm a full-stack developer, which means I'm a pro at all things web development. I've got mad skills in both front-end and back-end development, making me a valuable asset to any team. I know my way around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating killer user interfaces, and I can also handle server-side languages to ensure everything runs smoothly on the back-end. I am excited to share my skills with you and help bring innovative ideas to life. Let’s run it together!

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