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Dynamic capabilities.

Widespread tool.


JavaScript is a logic-based programming language with object-oriented capabilities that allows you to implement complex features on web pages. Its functionality is built on top of client-side JavaScript. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) give you extra superpowers that you can use in your JS work. Furthermore, JavaScript can be used to modify site content and provide different behaviors in response to user actions. Most commonly, JavaScript is used to create confirmation fields, calls to action, and add new identifiers to existing information.

Full HTML/CSS integration

Current JavaScript is uniquely positioned as the most widely used browser language, fully integrated with HTML/CSS. In the creation of web pages, these software languages work as a whole, like a combined system.

Simple things are made simple

JavaScript is an easy-to-learn yet powerful scripting language widely used to control the behavior of web pages. This is the most common tool for uncomplicated creation of browser interfaces.

Supported by all major browsers

JavaScript works in the browser despite having complex paradigms and logic, which means it uses fewer resources than other languages. It was originally created as a browser-only language, but now it’s used in many other environments.


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